Culture is a term related to development of human being growth influence by socially ;political;migration ;status difference .

In another  form  culture refers  way of life .how  they dress ;how they speak;how they eat food ; how they worship ; art of interaction with other people . Significance of culture is a scientific process  towards human liberation  and  well being life.


Vast of diversity in culture activity co related to development of unity &peace among the different people lived together in single roof  in different region as belonging to different community present a moral lesson across the world (SABKA SAATH SABKA VIKAS).

On vast canvas of cuture balancing picture of hues and vibrancy .For  a several of centures year india runs on path of unity  supporting and tollerence as the vistors can vist in india found a perfect balanced between unqiueness in culutre and diversity in every platform released value of dediaction in every citizens in this country.

ATITHI DEVO BHAVA ( Way of meeting with guest)

1)India a land of different cultural traditional here guest have equal respect as respect of God .here people meet with guest in charming way with namaste and tika and  greeting with flowers garlands.

2)It varies one region  to other relgion as in hindu families traditional culuture runs up from several years as  touches the feet of  guest &namaste similarly in muslims families .It create a charm magical moments to guest . Image result for atithidevo bhava

DRESS                                                                                    d                                               1) Dress style varies from one region to other region ;state to state . people wear both traditional and western clothes .when a child born;langotos and loin clothes  are only equipment cover the whole body .Indian have own epic wearing style dhoti ,saree,salwar kameez,sherwani,and turban etc.  

2) Simple saree wear indian girls varies diffrent styles from one region to another region .Rajasthani and Gujarati womens  wear colourful Ghara Choli  similarly south indian wear half saree with duppatta ,in northern india Churidar kurta famous wear by indian womens. Image result for indian culture dress                                                                         FOOD                                                                                                                                  Indian food are famous for  specicy ,odour and for taste these food varies from one state to another state,region to region .Northern indian food mainly includes Tandoori roti ,kashmiri rogan josh,Dal-Bati. Churma,Rajma-Chawal. similarly begali  Roshogollas ,sandesh ,South Indian food as rice power idli ,Halu payasa,Halbai,dosai ,    Nalli massam ,Dosa.

Image result for indian food        .

DANCE AND MUSIC                                                                                                         Indian history of dance and music are back around 2000 years BC  traditionaly runs up till now.Classical and Contemporary all dance and music are performed here  in India. Kathakali, Banaras gharana, Jaipur gharna,Manipuri,Orissa,Bharatnatyam,Kuchipudi,these are classical dancinggand varoius form of folk tribal which can be find in india these dance are attached with religion customs .

In India music are classified as north indian Hindustani style and Indian  Carnatic style of   singing .From Maharashtra ,the fishermen sing “Koligeet Song related to sea .Rajashthani folk are daryacharaja similarly Bengali community sing ” ” amar nishitho rater badol dhara.                                                                                                                                                                         Related image