Mobile cloud computing & applition cloud computing challenge and solution

Mobile Cloud Computing:

Mobile cloud computing is a technology that is a combination of cloud computing & mobile computing. Mobile cloud computing has many advantages such as, it provides flexibility, low cost option, unlimited storage and applications etc.The application in mobile cloud needs computation, multi-media processing and data mining and cloud computing helps in mobile computing by increasing the computing capability.



1- Cloud Computing

Cloud computing delivers computing services over the internet on demand and these services are on pay as you go basis. This technology provides access to the data at any time and from anywhere. Cloud services comprised social networking, such as YouTube, Facebook etc., web mail, such as Gmail, yahoo etc., online file storage, such as i Cloud etc. Cloud services can be rented from the third-party vendor .There are many advantages of cloud computing, such as cost efficient, reliability etc., and disadvantages, such as security concern etc.

2- Mobile Computing

Mobile computing is a technology that allows transmission of data over the internet without needing to be connected to a fixed physical link. The mobile communication offers the reliable communication. This include devices, such as protocols, bandwidth etc This concept is reliant on mobile devices that receive or access the mobility services, such as laptop and smartphone or mobile devices etc. Mobile computing offers various in-built mobile applications in a single device, such as mobile browser, games etc.



Mobile commerce applications do many tasks which involve mobility tasks, such as transactions, messaging and payments through mobile devices. Mobile commerce has many advantages and there are some challenges too, such as security issue, low network bandwidth issue etc.

2- Mobile Healthcare:

Mobile healthcare applications are used for medical treatments etc. Mobile cloud computing applied in medical applications to minimize the drawbacks of traditional medical applications, such as limited storage space, privacy and security etc.

3-  Mobile Gaming: 

Mobile gaming has several benefits such as, energy saving, increase in gaming speed because of cloud’s processing power. The advantage of mobile cloud gaming is that gamer can play the games without the need of installing the game. It saves the mobile storage space as well as increase processing power.


1- Physical Threat

Challenges: SIM card can be removed from the mobile without the permission of the mobile owner and thus can be used by any person.

Possible solutions: Developers can upgrade the security level at the application level. Developer should add security to sim cards and the personal data should not be store on the cards. On using cloud services, when a mobile device is lost backup service is needed, to facilitate the user to recover their personal information from the cloud. Also, advanced security methods can be used like, voice recognition and fingerprints to protect mobile devices.

2 –  Mobile network security threat

Challenges: Dealing with mobile network security threat is a major challenge. The threat could be from the user-side, could be in the mobile network or from the cloud.

Possible solutions: Every mobile user should have their own personalized security configuration so that, only genuine users who can fulfil all the security measures can access data and applications in the cloud. Mobile and cloud services require up-to-date security configuration where cloud providers hold more security levels than mobile network. Finally, there is need to protect the transmission of data between mobile devices and cloud storage.

3- Data Access:

Challenges: The number of data are increasing on the cloud fast. So, dealing with the large no. of data i.e. storing, managing and accessing has become very challenging. This may lead to increase the cost of data communication and processing for users.

Possible solution: Mobile devices users can use local storage as cache to improve the speed and reduce network necessity. As now, user cannot store large data on mobile device, so some data storage management need to apply to determine which data can be cached or used from cloud.

4- Mobile Gaming and Scalability

Challenges: The main challenge is the scalability that can change timely like mobile application stores.

Possible solution: Developers can allow unlimited space through cloud computing and the developers would be free to create any application or game without worrying about scalability of storage space. This will lead to a better experience for users. In the case of a game which is played by millions of users, developer cannot take risk of server crashing or any other issue. The flexibility and scalability is needed on demand so that developer can focus on building the games or applications.